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As the pandemic caused by Covid-19 continues, you might wander on how to sell your home without hiring a realtor? Are you planning on how to save money by selling your home yourself? What do real estate agents do when it comes to a home sale? What are the requirements for selling your home without a realtor? Are there benefits when you sell your home without a realtor that outweigh the costs?

There are benefits when planning on how To Sell Your Home Without a Realtor. In this article, we will discuss briefly the outlined above, starting with what do real estate agents do?

What Do Real Estate Agents Do?

Real estate agents earn a 6% commission, which is split between the sales agent (listing agent) and the buying agent.

However, that total 6% is not solely split between the listing agent and the buyer’s agent.

The buyer’s agent’s broker and listing broker also take a share of the commission.

Sell My Own Home Without a Realtor?

If you intend to keep all of your profits after closing a sale because you won’t want to shell out money for a realtor’s commission fee. FASTBUYHOUSE is at your service. We buy houses in Broward and Miami cash and fast.

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    Staging an Open House Without An Agent

  According to FASTPROMOUSA “First impressions are important. When it comes to marketing a property, Home staging is one essential resource that should be considered and Real Estate Home Virtual Staging is the other. Home staging is an on-the-surface way that makes a property more attractive to potential buyers.”

Staging an open house means putting in a lot of work. When choosing a date for your open house, make sure to thoroughly clean the place spotless. Deep clean every surface, scrub the counters and grout, shampoo each room carpet, detail all air vents, etc.) Every bit of detail counts and could make or break a sale.

   Additionally, necessary safety precautions should be taken, by stashing all loose gadgets, valuables, and paperwork with vital personal informations. It is also crucial to install video cameras or keep a sign-in list of all the people who tour your home. 

  In the light of the current pandemic, read all about how to stay safe during a real estate transaction here! COVID-19 Guidance for Real Estate

 Ensure your Contract is Legitimate and Compliant with All Laws

To close a sale, the buyer will propose a contract to the seller, which can be either accepted or revised until both parties are satisfied.

Most counties have standard real estate contracts. If you have little knowledge of this contract, make sure to have contracts revised by an attorney.

Keep in mind that your contract must be compliant with federal laws. One of the laws being the Fair Housing Act, which forbids the discrimination of buyers based on race, religion, and sex.

 How Realistic is it sell your home without a Realtor?

 First, evaluate if selling your house by yourself is right for you. You have to weigh the potential costs you may inquire against the potential profit you gain from not having a real estate agent representing you.

Most of these tangible costs that don’t include your time spent advertising, negotiating, researching, or the emotional costs of stress and uncertainty. If you are a go-getter, self-determined, and have some wiggle room in your schedule, selling yourself could be right for you!

Maintain control over the situation

 Make sure you have no middleman in your dealings with buyers, which can sometimes complicate things. Choosing what offers to consider helps to understand how to market your home.

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Set a realistic price from the start

If the price of your home is too high, you stand a great chance to turn off potential buyers from even taking a look at it. Pricing a home right from the start is probably the most important step when it comes to the sales process, regardless of whether you sell a house with or without an agent.


  Selling a house without a Realtor can boils down to marketing your home. Once you are done taking the photos, and then your price is set, post your home on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites you can. In this way your property gets seen by a wider audience. 

Find an attorney if you want sell your home without a Realtor (maybe)

You do not need an attorney to sell your house by yourself. However, if you are to sell your home by yourself, it’s probably a good decision and expense to do so. Hire someone who specialises in real estate law.

A real estate attorney will likely charge a few thousand dollars, and you will receive much of the same guidance that you would from a certified real estate professional. But if you are selling by yourself, Consider Fastbuyhouse. Selling a house without a Realtor is much simpler and less daunting than most home sellers anticipate when you use Fastbuyhouse

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