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 Before we discuss the Benefits of cash buyers, let’s define a cash buyer. A cash buyer is a person, or an entity who offers to buy a property exclusively with cash, without seeking help from a mortgage or loan. As a result, being a cash buyer requires the ability to afford the new property without depending on the money from selling an old one.

According to the MiamiHerald, In the third quarter of 2020, the number of all-cash buyers doubled more, from a total of 82 to 174. Condo sales rose by 5.9%, from 202 to 214 in the third quarter of 2020. The median sales prices climbed by 7.8%, from $1.6 million to $1.725 million. The number of all-cash buyers increased from 123 to 128 compared to back late 2017. 

The Floridadep has also shown that property cash sales account for about 30% and 40% of all purchases. 

  What are the Benefits of a cash property buyer for a house?

When a sale falls through it can be frustrating but it can also be costly.There are a lot of reasons why a house sale or purchase can fall through. These reasons include:

  • A seller/buyer changing his or her mind in the chain. This could be because they have found something they prefer, the purchase/sale is taking longer for them
  • , or their circumstances have changed. 
  • The buyer’s inability to secure funds through a mortgage. Currently, the process of getting a mortgage has become more difficult for many in recent years and this has left a lot of buyers struggling to get one.
  • A major problem probably found within the property during the survey that will cause the buyer to quit or abandon the purchase.

If you can secure a private individual as a cash buyer. There are high chances of stopping some of these situations from arising – for example, speeding up the house sale and preventing a chain from forming beyond the purchaser. However, this does not prevent people from changing their minds if they want to or when issues are found during a survey of the Home.


Using a cash property buyer like FASTBUYHOUSE can prevent all of these issues from arising. At FASTBUYHOUSE we give a guaranteed cash offer following an honest, transparent, formal valuation (which will take place within any day of your choice when you contact us) and once you accept the offer the sale can be completed in a timescale to best suit you. 

We buy houses and also cover everything making sure there are no estate hidden fees to pay. Leaving you with the only reason the sale will possibly not fall through if you change your mind about selling.

How to get a cash property buyer?

Having a cash buyer for a property has a lot of advantages. But, if you intend to sell your house through a real estate agent – then the guarantee of a cash buyer will take time. The only way is to request offers made only by cash buyers. Through this method properties that are unlikely to be sold as-is will be sold as-is but are also used for people targeting a cash buyer for a quick house sale.

A quick word of caution – some estate agents have been known to stretch the truth when telling sellers they have a cash buyer. As defined above, a cash buyer has the money and is ready to buy, however some estate agents include people who will be cash buyers once they have sold another property.

Looking for a cash offer for your house in Florida?

There are a lot of cash home buyers in Florida. Most sellers have already experienced “investors” , who promise a price only to back-out or beg for a lower price down the road. But with Fastbuyhouse we believe in Performance As Promised.

We are one of the reliable, trustworthy, and guaranteed Cash buyers in Florida. Find out why below!

 Having understood the benefits of accepting a cash offer on a property. The next question you’re probably wondering is where, exactly, to find a cash buyer. Here are a few types of cash buyers:

  • Real estate investors buy homes, improve them, and then sell them (also known as “fix and flip”) or hold them as rental properties
  • Homeowners that have sold their house recently and are using their sale funds to buy a new home
  • Retirees who use their life savings to buy a home rather than pay mortgage financing interest and fees
  • Wealthy and Well-off buyers who can afford to pay cash at once 
  • iBuyers, or instant online buyers that pay fast cash for homes in certain conditions and certain locations

 At Fastbuyhouse, we buy your houses in Broward for cash directly with no need for repairs, appraisals, or inspections.

If you are considering selling your home In Broward, a cash offer can provide a solution. As discussed through this article, it’s obvious that cash sales offer benefits from faster closings to lower costs and less hassle. Don’t wait to explore the advantages of a cash sale, contact FASTBUYHOUSE today. We buy houses in Broward, FL.