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What are the top 9 questions to ask before selling your home? A simple conversation with a seller and a review of public records will reveal the detailed blanks that will help in making a better decision when selling a home. It’s advisable to contact the county’s property appraiser for the home’s location. Put these ten investigative questions in perspective to ask home sellers.

What are the top 9 questions to ask before selling your home? 
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Why Are You Selling?

People move for various reasons, including retirement, death of a spouse, job relocation. A desire to get into a smaller/larger house, marriage, life events, the birth of a child, or other reason. Getting a truthful answer to why a seller is moving helps to determine the space there is for negotiation.

Depending on why the seller is moving, accepting a lower offer can be considered if the home is to be sold faster. However, if the seller is not in a rush to sell, there is still little room for negotiation.

Length of Time on Market ?

The primary reason a home ends up in the market for a long time is that its price is way too high. This happens often due to the function of a poor strategy. 

Previous Selling Prices ?

Knowledge of the seller’s previous sale price is helpful for a couple of reasons. First, it determines if the value in the local market has gone up or down since the last purchase of the home. Second, it will help determine how open a seller can be towards negotiation.

If a seller purchased a home at rock bottom, there is a possibility they will be willing to move down on price given a reasonable profit.

If a seller purchased the home more than the asking price it’s possible they probably won’t be willing to move on the price.

What Is Included in the Sale?

 All permanently attached home fittings, (example, cabinets, faucets, and window blinds) are considered as a fixture and generally included as part of a home sale. 

Paying close attention to things such as sheds, lighting fixtures, outdoor play equipment, appliances, wall-mounted sound systems and window treatments. And anything else that might be upsetting or missing when moving into the home.

Area Nuisances or Problem Neighbors

Some neighborhoods are affected by some kind of nuisances, ranging from traffic congestion, speeding on community streets, and noise. From the noise of barking dogs, neighbors, traffic, or nearby businesses, bothersome odors, crime, poor maintenance, bright lights litter, and problematic neighbors who create disturbances. 

Lead Paint and Natural Hazards

This is a major disclosure statement serves to intimate buyers about a home’s current state. This helps to protect a seller in case future legal arising problems are found. 

Disclosures are different for some states and even counties. It’s mandatory that a seller must make disclosures about items like an existing lien, and natural hazards. Also the lead-based paint history of property-line disputes, termite problems, and defects in major systems or appliances. 

There are eight disclosures a seller must make. This helps to keep everyone in the transaction on the safe side; 

Old Problem Conditions ?

While disclosure rules vary from state to state, home sellers should inform the buyer about any current issues with the property. They should also inform the buyer about any corrected past problems even though it’s really not relevant. This is only if they have been fixed already, but it’s also required to disclose? In case it leads to another problem in the future.

A leaky roof that has been repaired but subsequently ends up with the water up in the attic? Inquire if the seller fixed all the old problems within the house properly, and how good the solution had worked. Find out the agency or the repair company persons involved, in case a similar problem occurs in the future.

The Age Of Components

Know the condition of key components of the property to be prepared for any big expenses that could arise. 

Also ask about the cooling systems/ heating appliances, septic, plumbing, water heater, and electrical systems.

Major Repairs and Renovations ?

Sketchy plumbing, bad renovations, and mediocre construction will cost you financially and emotionally and in worst cases your health. Again, it’s vital to ask about the major repairs and renovations carried out in the home and who did them.

Note if a seller does not possess the building permits (probably the job was carried out by an earlier owner). Make sure to double-check with the local building department, through the county or city authorities.

What Did You Like Most?

This is a big question that puts most sellers on the spot, or seems to hit a personal touch. This will open a person more about the neighborhood, home, and community. 

At this point, a buyer will learn something positive like the short walk to the library, the tight-knit community, the low heating bills.

The beautiful sun rays that hit the living-room windows in the afternoon or the wildflowers that blossoms in the summer on the hill at the back of the house.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, this article highlights the top 9 questions to ask before selling your home.

Choosing to List and market your home will include lots of detailing about the property and a lot of work to be done.

The above tips are some of the most important highlights on the top 9 questions to ask before selling your home as a first-time home seller. 

Remember that when you sell your house in Broward Florida for the first time you should be prepared for the possible difficulties you might face during the home selling process.

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