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As a homeowner taking on several responsibilities at once, is your rental property causing You problems? You might choose to believe it or choose not to, but the truth is rental property have lifespans. However, you can determine how long it will serve as a viable asset. Thinking that appliances are indestructible could be the worst fallacy in real estate because they are not. It doesn’t matter if you put in your best work ethic, things will break down from time to time.

 Your ability to take proper care of these items will directly influence how good of a home-owner you are, and how long your property will continue to bring in money. Waiting for days to get someone out will result in tenants being unhappy. Unhappy tenants certainly means a home renter that will find it hard to call the homeowner next time issues pop up or deliberately delay their rent payment. Running your rental property smoothly involves the need to act quickly when problems arise.

 Here are some of the most common Rental Property Causing Problems that almost every homeowner has to deal with:

1. Plumbing: Having an open line of communication with your tenants is a vital thing for every property owner. Be it an apartment, condo, tiny house, hut, townhouse, cottage etc, plumbing is one of the most common repair areas of these rental properties. A drip in the kitchen or bathroom sink can magically send the next water bill flying up the roof. Dealing with these issues quickly makes them easier to fix. 

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Fixing plumbing issues is not so simple that it can be fixed just by anyone. However, a few can be easily fixed by yourself. It’s also very easy to turn a simple project into a complete nightmare if you have no understanding of what you are doing. Trying to save money isn’t a bad idea but you should certainly know your limitations. It doesn’t matter if you bought a house in Miami or you rented an apartment in Broward. Plumbing issues can happen to any tenant and any property. Ignoring them will cost you more at the tail end.

2. Clogged Toilets: Just before the arrival of a new tenant. identify which needs or items are their responsibility. If a tenant clogs the toilet, he or she will have to fix it. However, some clogged toilet issues are not the fault of the tenant. At certain times a clog could mean a sign of a much bigger problem. It could be a signal of problems with the main plumbing line therefore there is a clogged toilet. 

To fix this could simply mean draining the toilet or there could be a bigger issue. Probably there is a larger obstruction in the line or an underground blocking has formed. In some cases when a tenant has the clog fixed and the problem persists, there is a bigger issue.

3. Appliances: Furnishing your House in Broward or your beautiful condo in Miami with the best appliances does not guarantee these appliances to last so long. 

In reality, your tenants might not treat these appliances in the same way you would. Maybe food in the dishwasher, a huge lint in the dryer, and burnt-out freezers can be issues that will need addressing. Some of these easy fixes, and others sometimes need a little more patience, money, and time. 

Always expect at least one item to be repaired or replaced every time you lease your property unless they are brand new. Owning a rental property means making appliance repairs a necessary part of your duty.

 Imagine you want to sell your property or rent it out (FASTBUYHOUSE, we buy houses in Broward fast) .you advertise a broken dryer or washer in the unit that has not been replaced or repaired, you have failed to fulfill your end of a lease. All appliances on a lease contract need to be in good working order.

4. Rodents: These uninvited and unwanted visitors have no respect for no home at all. Keep your home in the best shape or you maintain your house perfectly well, a threat of mice, rats, and gophers will always find a way. 

Fixing some traps will solve this if it’s a one-time issue. If it’s a continuing issue, finding the cause will help. The extent of damage a squirrel in the attic or a mouse in your kitchen will do will baffle you. They will eat away at pipes and wires, causing a load of unseen damage. Instead of waiting for the problem to come back, call 911 by finding an exterminator and get it fixed before it repeats itself. Tenants always appreciate the time a homeowner puts in to help them.

5. Furnace/Oil Tank: whether it’s winter or not, your furnace suddenly stops working. That is a problem. It matters little if you live in San Diego or Fargo, anyone can catch a cold no matter where they are. For a tenant this is not just a nuisance, it can be a budget threatening issue. Plan yearly on having your furnace serviced properly. For some landlords, this is a waste of money, but this will keep the furnace in good working condition for a few more years than expected. 

It is crucial to have someone you can call if there are issues during the lease. A tenant should have to wait for days looking for someone to fix the furnace. This applies equally to an oil tank. A routine cleaning of the lines every year will make the heat run more efficiently. When the lines get dirty, both hot water and heat will get impacted. When It comes to heating Seasonal maintenance goes a long way.

It could be that your rental property is causing You problems. You should expect these issues to pop up from time to time. Having sufficient backup funds to deal with these issues can help you act quickly. Not paying attention to these rental property problems will end up costing you much. 

You will not only have to pay more, you stand the risk of losing your tenants. Expect the unexpected as a homeowner.

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