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Having problems selling your home? Don’t worry, keep in mind that it happens. After all, selling your house is always one of the biggest dealings people make.  It’s easy to do some silly things that you are not aware that could make buyers run away. So, if you have listed your house and it is open for showing, and it has been sitting on the market for a while, that means it is time to make a move. The average time your home takes to be sold will depend on its location. In fact, if a home has been sitting too many days on the market, this is usually understood as an undesirable signal, as buyers thinks that there is maybe a problem with your home which made the it difficult to sell.

Once you decided that now is the right time to sell your home, that is exactly what you want, to sell their home. Every home sellers worst nightmare is that their home does not sell or takes time to be sold. So, just in case you don’t want to go through the traditional way of selling your house it will great if you sell it for fast cash so you don’t have to go through a lot of process. You can contact FastBuyHouse to be able to assist you with that. We buy houses Broward.

There could be a lot of reasons why your house is not selling, yet. So, in this article, we have provided top 5 reasons why your house takes time to be sold. Which you can find below….


    If you are asking yourself why your home is not selling, first and foremost, you have to ask yourself if, is the price for your home is just right? Or is it overpriced? Overpricing your home can be a deathblow when selling a home.  There are a lot of things to consider especially when it comes to pricing your home. Overpricing can actually cost you a lot in the long run. How are you going to know if you price you home wat too high? You can ask or contact FastBuyHouse to get some advice or information about the pricing of your house. And we buy house Broward. Otherwise, listen to the reactions you are getting from individuals at open houses and showings.

     And also doing some research about the asking price might be able to help you a lot. If your home is on the market at a price that is above market value, you will miss out on potential buyers. When it comes to seller market, a seller may feel happy of pushing the asking price a bit higher, which can make buyers turn away.

Poor Marketing Strategy –

     First impression lasts” the same goes for your house.  85 percent of home buyers begin their search online and then make a conclusion about whether to come see your house. If there are some or no photos at all, or if the photos don’t look good because you did not hire a professional photographer, or because the house is just messy, all of the buyers will just go to the next listing.  

     While you cannot control things like the job and housing markets, these are still significant factors to consider when determining if now is a good time to sell. Find out when your house is going to be most attractive to homebuyers. The coming back of spring time have a tendency to revive homebuyers out of idleness. Just like, keep your ear to the ground for other situations that may affect the home-buying trends, such as a forthcoming employment boom or new developments in your area that may increase housing demand.

     Although, experiential marketing is not ideal anymore, it is also may be a good idea if you are not techy. Experiential marketing means inviting audiences to interact with a you about business in a real-world situation. For example, hosting a tour of the area you are selling, prepare an event to teach area homebuyers about the process of buying a home, or organize an open house and invite buyers to view the home.

Your House is Not Ready –

     One of the first things home buyers check is how your home is staged. Staging a home to look at its best has an impact on most buyers, according to survey. Like, staging a home makes it easier for the buyer to imagine the property as their future “home sweet home.” So, take time to look around. Spend time staging your living room and kitchen. The yard and landscaping are also included. If you haven’t done much staging, ask yourself or do some research on what you can do to make your home more good-looking to buyers.

     To open your home in its best light as possible, go for a neutral presence. That means no clutter and no vulgar design choices, as well as cleaning and repairs. If you don’t have an idea on how to go about beginning this task bring in a professional stager. Staging your home can be as simple as decluttering your space, or might require putting excess furniture into storage or painting some walls. If you do it right, you will go a long way toward guaranteeing that your house makes the right impression with buyers and helps them more easily imagine themselves living there.

Final Thoughts –

   One of the most disappointing things for a home seller is their home not selling or it takes longer than usual to be sold. Determining why can be helpful so that things can be changed.

The above 3 reasons why your home is not selling are very usual.  These 3 reasons can be amended.

If you need more information Fastbuyhouse would love to share their thoughts and opinions with you. Feel free to contact us. We buy houses Broward!