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Fastbuyhouse represents the best interest of real estate investing through keen recognition of our clients best needs and delivering on them. Our goal in Fastbuyhouse is to enable and empower investors to make great decisions. It does not matter if this is your first investment or you have long standing decades of experience, we are here to help you achieve more and understand the issues facing the real estate investor community.

As every homeowner thinking about selling their house knows, investing in real estate is still considered as one of the most reliable and accessible ways to grow wealth. We Fastbuyhouse, a global home buying company in Broward, FL, guarantees the fastest choice of closing date and cash offer on any property. Our purpose is to meet home sellers’ needs the way they want them fast and provide a stress-free quick solution to our investors.

Our dedicated  leadership team with Brian Gutierrez as the CEO is committed to delivering transparent and unbiased investment satisfaction on our CASH OFFERs.

Brian is also the CEO of Fastpromousa an Advertising/Marketing company that started in 2017 to Present and growing still.

Before Fastbuyhouse started, Brain had always had a keen interest in Real Estate.

So after working in the Marketing world for more than five years, he decided to dive into Real Estate, learn as much as possible, and start a business that provides a valuable service through trustworthy connections in the real estate niche.

Fast forward to today, Fastbuyhouse Company consists of people who believe in our Purpose, and want to help people with their real estate needs. We are based in Miami.  Our ultimate focus is helping homeowners like you who may want to sell properties for any number of reasons, including:

– Relocating

– Looking to Downsize

– Going through a Divorce or Probate

– Need more money

– Property has liens and/or code violations

– Retiring (or about to Retire)

– Fire Damaged

– Property needs repairs

– Problem Tenants

– Loss of a loved one

– Behind on Taxes

– And more…

Remember always, we buy house Broward, we buy house Miami, we buy House Florida.

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